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Where does the term Univetica come from?

The term Univetica is derived from two words: Universal (of or belonging to all) and Etica (Latin for ethics)

What exactly is Univetica?

The Univetica philosophy is an approach to life as described in the book Univetica: Compelling Change. It is comprised of a series of ideas that, combined, provide a new perspective on life and an innovative way to address global challenges facing humanity.

Univetica Inc. is a social venture that uses the Univetica philosophy to develop and deploy solutions that help more people make better decisions more often. Unlike most traditional companies, for whom social responsibility is merely a tangential concept, Univetica Inc. is designed as an initiative to compel positive social change. This ethos drives every aspect of our operation.

How do I get involved?

You can become involved with Univetica in several ways, with varying levels of participation. Univetica is an ongoing conversation that thrives on action. Begin by transforming ideas into action:

  • Spread the Word: Tell others about Univetica and the book, and Link to Us from your blog, website, or social network pages.
  • Ask Questions, Provide Feedback: Contact us with your thoughts and questions.
  • Stay Informed: Sign up for our free newsletter.
  • Other Support: Sponsor Univetica and become an agent for change in the community.
  • Go Viral: Add Univetica links and graphics to your website, blog, or social networking page. Visits our Links & Downloads page.

For more ways to get involved, visit Our Solutions page. And if you haven't already, don’t forget to create your free Univetica Social profile.

Who came up with Univetica?

Mehdi Ghafourifar is the author of Univetica: Compelling Change and the founder of Univetica Inc. Mehdi is a social innovator with an established track record of developing innovative projects that continue to touch the lives of many. His passion for social justice and education is underscored by his twenty-five years of dynamic business experience in both for-profit and non-profit sectors. Mehdi’s client portfolio has included thousands of companies and executives in 350 business categories. His life's work is dedicated to the advancement of positive social change and global citizenry. More >

Why do we need Univetica today?

Because other approaches to solving the global crises confronting us all have failed. We no longer live in isolated communities separated by language, terrain, or culture. Unparalleled levels of international trade and the information age have brought all of us closer. Today, our potential for progress is unmatched in history. With serious challenges facing humanity as a whole, more than ever, our responsibilities and allegiances belong to the global community as opposed to any one individual nation state. Univetica provides a way toward a meaningful existence nestled in the concept of P>R and global-realization—the fulfillment of the global community’s potential.

Is Univetica Inc. a nonprofit or a for-profit?

Univetica Inc. is a for-profit social venture, pioneering a new model for business that includes the planet and the community as significant stakeholders in business operations. Univetica has harnessed the enterprising potential of business and the giving spirit of philanthropy to create a new kind of business environment. An environment where solutions are developed and deployed to inspire progress in humanity.