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Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. From our algorithms to our programs, from our operating framework to our business model, Univetica is driven by netProgression [P>R].

Univetica improves lives by:

  1. Providing critical resources that elevate decision making skills

  2. Creating pioneering educational solutions

  3. Bringing people together to a new, collaborative environment for change

  4. Igniting and facilitating dialogue amongst global citizens

  5. Using business as a vehicle to support social and environmental causes


Our Business Model

Create and Share, a new business and profit distribution in the 21st century. We leverage the power of Community Support, Social Innovation, and Social Entrepreneurship to help more people make better decisions more often.


Our Solutions

In promoting and protecting innovative thinking and action, our team develops and deploys incredible products and services driven by social innovation—the type of innovation that produces a direct positive social impact. We invite you to Explore & Innovate, become part of Univetica Social, learn about Awards & Accreditations, and Get Noticed.