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The world is growing more complex and more competitive at a faster rate than ever before. This means greater access and opportunity as well as a higher quality of life to more people in more places. However, the breakneck speed of modern life can also spell stress and confusion for most of us. To thrive in the 21st century, we all need the confidence and innovative resources that optimize our potential. That’s what Univetica is all about, creating a timeless guide and a blueprint for living more fulfilling lives today, and, tomorrow.

Let’s thrive together >



Univetica's mission is to help more people make better decisions more often on our collective path to creating a thriving global community.



ThrivallSM. A thriving global community where people engage with one another in an enduring fashion that promotes and protects innovating thinking and action.



In a world of increasing divisiveness, our potential as a global community is often overlooked. And yet it is that very potential which will help us solve the challenges confronting humanity. It is only when the global community is thriving that we as individuals can also thrive.

Imagine a world where:

  • People progress more than they regress
  • Success is measured by one’s impact on others and the environment, not the amount of money they make, the office they hold, or the possessions they collect
  • Creation and preservation outweigh destruction and prevention
  • In every situation, positives are extracted and negatives are contained
  • Opportunities and access are open to everyone
  • Everyone’s actions are aligned with netProgression [P>R]

This is a thriving global community. This is our world, but better.