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Univetica Inc. is built on three irreplaceable assets, our Philosophy, our Team, and our Members. Our P>R philosophy drives every aspect of our organization. We see Univetica as more than just a company. To us, Univetica represents an opportunity to make a difference. A place where work isn’t work at all, it’s simply a way of life. As social innovators, we love to explore, inspire, and innovate solutions to difficult challenges facing humanity. Our members are diverse in every aspect of the word but share a common interest in creating positive social change.


Mehdi Ghafourifar, CEO & Social Innovator

Mehdi brings to Univetica an established track record of developing innovative projects that continue to touch the lives of many. His passion for social justice and transformative education is underscored by his 25 years of dynamic business experience in both for-profit and not-for-profit sectors. His client portfolio has included thousands of companies and executives in 350 business categories. From 2003 to present, Mehdi has served as the Chairman of Pillarton Corporation, a Silicon Valley strategic advisory firm that provides capital, management, as well as mergers and acquisitions services to emerging and rapidly expanding companies. He leads the development of select international initiatives in the fields of energy and education.

Mehdi is the author of Univetica: Compelling Change (Arquos Publishing, 2010) as well as other works including Univetica’s Practical Approach to Critical Thinking and the Univetica in Education curricula series for grades 7-8, grades 9-12, and higher education, all aimed at fostering critical and innovative thought processes.

In support of various non-profit groups, Mehdi’s contributions include serving as a member of Schools for Humanity’s Board of Directors, former member of Pars Equality Center's Board of Directors, and former member of Hiller Aviation Institute's Board of Director. Some of Mehdi’s other accomplishments include building the largest B2B membership organization in Silicon Valley, creating the Tradius payment system, a fully integrated global payment system including proprietary currency, credit card, and online services, and developing the BeMatched publishing platform, a robust global network solution aimed at bringing clarity and open access to the worlds of education and publishing.


Rocky Rocamora, Finance & Information Systems

Rocky brings to Univetica more than 25 years of finance, operations, and executive management expertise in business, financial, education, and IT services sectors. His experience includes design and implementation of key financial and information systems, raising capital, and successful negotiations with various industry partners. As the CEO, Rocky developed Employee Benefits Services Group into Northern California's leading financial and retirement planning services firm in the education sector.

Rocky is the interim CFO of Applied Isotope Technologies, Inc., a biotech start-up committed to innovation in the field of Metrology. Previous positions include serving as the CFO of Tradius Corporation, a business services company that managed, marketed and processed transactions for a fully integrated global payment system, the Accounting Services Manager for TaxMasters, and the Controller at the National Club in Toronto, Canada.

Rocky holds various professional licenses in Insurance, Real Estate and Securities. He is a member of FINRA, NAR, CAR and the California Tax Education Council. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of Greater America Siquijorian Association, a non-profit organization committed to charitable work to the inhabitants of the island province of Siquijor, Philippines. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Commerce with a Major in Accounting from the University of San Carlos, Philippines.


Alston Ghafourifar, Director of Innovation

Alston brings to Univetica a multifaceted perspective encompassing international relations, philosophy, and new media. He is well versed in modern and historical social and political theories. As a young champion for global citizenry and progress, he has traveled to two dozen exotic and culturally diverse nations and has participated in a variety of social projects on and off college campuses. Alston began his university track at the age of 14 and earned his bachelor’s degree at 17 from U.C. Santa Cruz, graduating with Highest Honors in Politics—with specialization in International Relations and Political Theory.

Alston is the President of Schools for Humanity, a 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to freeing human potential by opening access to quality education for all. Schools for Humanity’s efforts so far have helped bring education to some of the poorest areas of Africa, India, and soon Haiti. In 2008, Alston served as an associate producer of the eye-opening feature documentary, Iran: Hot Tea, Cool Conversations, and assisted in bringing new awareness to the topic of citizen diplomacy and cultural education by organizing film screenings and discussion forums through several west coast universities and colleges. Earlier that year, Alston with a team of volunteers coordinated a college voter-registration event that shattered all previous turnout records by 1,000%.

Works of authorship and speeches presented by Alston include topics ranging from social movements to China-U.S. relations in the 21st century, from mechanisms of governance to social capitalism. Alston is currently penning his forthcoming book, Video Games or Education: A 14-year-old’s Journey to College.


Jillayn Le Grand, Director & Social Innovator

Jillayn brings to Univetica more than 20 years of management, marketing, and operational expertise. She is a world traveler with a passion for cultural diversity and experiential learning. During her career, she has spent years creating and managing client application and credit systems including a proprietary real-time credit scoring solution that enabled instant processing and approval of complex business and individual transactions.

Jillayn serves as a Managing Director of Pillarton Corporation, a strategic advisory firm providing management and capital solutions to entrepreneurs and fast growing organizations. She is also a managing partner at vPresentation, a leading provider of innovative rich media and e-marketing solutions to local and national companies. Using the latest in interactive technology, vPresentation has developed an exclusive sales and marketing system that allows users to cost-effectively communicate with more people in less time – all in a web-based environment available to millions of people worldwide.

Previously in her career Jillayn served as the Regional Director for Threshers, Inc., a sales and marketing organization for one of the largest trade communities in Silicon Valley. She also assisted with the initial U.S. and Canada deployment of newly patented chemical products for the beauty industry.


Robert Gumina, Business Development

Robert brings to Univetica 18 years of financial planning, business development, and team building experience. His career covers a spectrum of projects and responsibilities in both for-profit and non-profit environments including design and development of training modules for team building, customized marketing plans, and efficiency models.

At Charles Schwab, Robert worked closely with the executive team to build specialty financial solutions. At Smith Barney, he forged working relations with hundreds of high net worth individual, corporate investors, and other key stakeholders. At Pensco Trust, he was responsible for purchasing mutual funds, real estate, and private placement subscriptions.

Robert received his Bachelor of Science in Applied Economics from the University of San Francisco. Licenses and certifications held include Retirement Planning Specialist, Series 63, Series 65, Series 7, Life and Health Insurance. Robert cofounded Schools for Humanity, an international educational non-profit organization and served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Festa Foundation, a public charity serving the needs of children and adults with developmental disabilities.


Stephen Colbert, New Media Specialist

Stephen brings to Univetica more than twelve years of advanced graphic and rich digital media experience. In his career, he has served as the creative lead designer and web developer for companies such as Bixler Inc., Bank of America, Hitachi, Transworld, Apogee, Clear-Cut Music, and United States Treasury among others. Stephen’s designs have garnered various awards including the Silver Award in the highly-competitive Summit Awards, a 12-year competition which receives entries from more than 50 countries.

Stephen has also designed and developed robust web solutions for the American Medical Association, United Cerebral Palsy, and George Lucas. As a new media specialist, he creates graphic effects that enrich multimedia products, including narration, sound effects and progress reporting. He is well versed in all the major web and publishing tools and has the ability to produce for various media channels such as web, print, and multimedia. Developmental skills include a full array of the latest scripting languages and web 2.0 content management systems.

Stephen earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts with a Major in Graphic Design from Corcoran School of Art and Design in Washington, D.C.


Brienne Ghafourifar, Coordinator – Youth Social Entrepreneurship

Brienne brings to Univetica a next-generation approach to social entrepreneurship. A natural young leader and an early agent for change, she sees business as an opportunity to solve world challenges, not cause them. Brienne began her university track at the age of 14 and recently earned her Bachelor of Science degree at age 17 from Santa Clara University, graduating with Honors in Economics.

As a young social entrepreneur, she has already begun to pave her own path, accelerating not only her education but also her worldview. Traveling to more than twenty countries, ranging from first world to third world, heavily industrialized to widely rural and impoverished, has heightened her sensitivity toward diversity and culture. Her travels have served as a foundation for Brienne’s deep interest in global citizenship and social business.

Passion for community and social entrepreneurship has driven her to bring greater awareness to social issues. As an associate producer of the 2008 feature documentary, Iran: Hot Tea, Cool Conversations, Brienne joined the director to produce and promote this film dedicated to citizen diplomacy and cultural education. She has organized and participated in community rebuilding and fundraising efforts including a local fire disaster relief project and a senior citizen community project.

Brienne is also a member of Phi Theta Kappa, an international honor society, and a co-author of an upcoming book on social entrepreneurship and its impact on modern society.