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The term Univetica is derived from two words: Universal (of or belonging to all) and Etica (Latin for ethics)


The Philosophy

The foundation of Univetica’s philosophy and approach to life is a simple yet powerful concept: netProgression [P>R]. netProgression speaks the straightforward idea that humanity’s success is determined by our individual and collective ability to progress more than we regress. Mathematically, our philosophy is captured in an elegant expression: P>R (progression more than regression).

Univetica represents a systemic shift in thinking and behavior, helping more people make better decisions more often, in life, in business, and in education. Univetica inspires each of us to overcome life’s challenges and move toward: Unity, Universal Ethics, Global-Realization, Positive Imbalance, Critical Thinking, Questioning Everything, and Equal Access and Opportunities for all.

  • WHAT - A fresh, innovative approach to life, serving as a dynamic blueprint for creating a thriving global community.
  • HOW - In a world of increasing complexity, Univetica offers a refreshingly simple, yet profound problem-solving platform that help more people make better decisions more often.
  • WHY - Because the challenges facing humanity touch every one of us—from political corruption to terrorism, from poverty to discrimination, from educational inequities to environmental degradation and beyond—and solving these problems requires participation from each of us and a better way forward.


The Organization

Univetica Inc. is a for-profit social venture that uses Univetica’s philosophy to develop and deploy solutions that help more people make better decisions more often. Unlike most traditional companies, for whom social responsibility is merely a tangential concept, Univetica Inc. is designed as an initiative to compel positive social change. This ethos drives every aspect of our operation.

  • Mission - To help more people make better decisions more often on our collective path to creating a thriving global community.
  • Vision - Thrivall. A thriving global community where people engage with one another in an enduring fashion that promotes and protects innovating thinking and action.


The Business Model

Create and Share, a new business and profit distribution in the 21st century. We leverage the power of Community Support, Social Innovation, and Social Entrepreneurship to help more people make better decisions more often.


The Solutions

In promoting and protecting innovative thinking and action, our team develops and deploys incredible products and services driven by social innovation—the type of innovation that produces a direct positive social impact. We invite you to Explore & Innovate, become part of Univetica Social, learn about Awards & Accreditations, and Get Noticed.


Explore & Innovate

  • UNIVETICA: COMPELLING CHANGE: A profoundly thoughtful guide that empowers us to overcome divisive ideologies and better understand what unites us all. Univetica offers a dynamic blueprint for a meaningful existence. Available in Hardcover, Paperback, Audiobook, and eBook formats. More >
  • uDECISIONINGsm: The uDecisioning methodology is an approach designed to help people from varying backgrounds and value systems respectfully engage with one another to discuss ideas, the implication of those ideas for our lives, and to help them turn those ideas into action in such a fashion that we experience netProgression, or, mathematically expressed, P>R. The methods and tools can help individuals and groups sort out the sequence of thinking, identify flaws in logic, highlight critical assumptions and encourage thinking about an issue in a broader context. More >
  • UNIVETICA CURRICULA: Univetica offers innovative specialty curricula designed to provoke thoughtful classroom discussion and foster students’ critical thinking skills. By bringing current affairs and global concerns to the classroom, Univetica Curricula engages students in a deeper conversation, analysis, and understanding of current world challenges and enhanced solutions needed to create a thriving global community. Univetica Curricula include: Univetica in Education for Grades 7-8, Univetica in Education for Grades 9-12, Univetica in Higher Education, and Univetica’s Practical Approach to Critical Thinking. More >
  • UNIVETICA TEACHER WORKSHOPS: Univetica offers professional development workshops as resources for formal and informal educators interested in incorporating the Univetica pedagogy into their curriculum. The Univetica Pedagogy is based on techniques that allow for deeper understanding through the process of asking the right questions. More >
  • UNIVETICA SPEAKS: Learn more about Univetica and the global community by attending Univetica Speaks events. These community events and speaking engagements cover a range of issues, centering on the distinctive Univetica philosophy and worldview. Be stimulated by the ideas and discussions at a Univetica Speaks event. More >


Univetica Social

  • UNIVETICA SOCIAL: It’s free and easy. Univetica Social is a genuine cross-cultural social membership program dedicated to global citizenship and the creation of a thriving global community. This program is open to anyone who embraces positive social change and views the world as a single interconnected society that transcends exclusionary geographical and social barriers. If you think big, think positive, and have ideas to share, then register for your free Univetica Social membership and join the conversation at More >
  • STEP UP & THRIVE: This is the premium version of our free Univetica Social membership program that provides members with enhanced functionalities, greater opportunities for publicity, and discounts on Univetica products and services. This membership program is available to Individuals, organizations (businesses, non-profits, government agencies, and NGOs), and educators. Step Up & Thrive members exchange ideas and resources with others, in their community and across the world, talk with experts who are working on P>R solutions to local and global issues, discover new opportunities and collaborate with others to solve the challenges facing us all. More >


Awards & Accreditations

  • UNIVETICA ACCREDITED INDIVIDUAL: This selective accreditation program is specifically designed for thought leaders and others who genuinely view themselves as global citizens and agents for positive social change. Candidates who qualify for the Univetica Accredited Individual program are typically smart, caring, and driven people who have the potential to change the world. Where many see problems, these individuals see solutions. Univetica Accredited Individuals are role models who contribute to P>R by delivering hope and progress to those around them. More >
  • UNIVETICA ACCREDITED ORGANIZATION: This is a selective accreditation program designed for small and large businesses, non-profit organizations, and NGOs that are fully committed to social innovation and using the power of business and philanthropy to help create a thriving global community. Univetica Accredited Organizations represent the best in their industries and participate in their communities as important agents of change, helping resolve social and environmental inequities thus contributing to P>R. Our network of Univetica Accredited companies and professionals are held accountable by Univetica, our members, and the community at large. More >
  • UNIVETICA ACCREDITED EDUCATOR: Few play a more integral part in the advancement of our society than quality educators who work tirelessly to pass on critical knowledge and skills needed to thrive in an increasingly complex world. Broadening the definition of education to include all learning that improves one’s ability to advance—a lifelong experiential process—can qualify many as educators. Univetica Accredited Educator is a selective accreditation program designed for teachers, instructors, trainers, coaches, parents, mentors and others who participate in improving lives by imparting knowledge or skill. More >


Get Noticed!

  • PARTNER AND LET’S GO FOR A TRIPLE WIN: At Univetica, we believe a partnership shouldn’t be limited to a simple win-win arrangement. By delivering direct benefits to the community, as a key stakeholder, we add a third “win” to our partnership equation. Univetica Inc. isn’t your everyday company and will never be one. We are fully committed to helping create a thriving global community and that commitment is only reinforced by the commitment of our partners.

    Our partners benefit from a close collaborative relationship with the Univetica team, connections to other partners whenever applicable, plus recognition and support for their goals and objectives. The aim of Univetica’s partnership program is to expand the size and selection of solutions that can help more people make better decisions more often. So, if you or your organization offers synergistic products or services that can create a win-win-win (you, Univetica, and the community) arrangement, then we would like to invite you to join our partnership program. More >
  • SPONSOR AND BECOME AN AGENT FOR CHANGE IN THE COMMUNITY: Univetica sponsorship can transform lives. While making a difference to the community, Univetica sponsorship can present you or your organization the exceptional opportunity to drive your brand and credibility by supporting a vital initiative. In the world today, sponsorship represents one of the fastest growing areas of marketing.

    Univetica Sponsors enjoy positive brand recognition and year-round promotion on our website as well as external online and offline media outlets including thousands of partner news subscribers, newspapers, TV and radio stations, and magazines, plus more than 25,000 journalists, columnists, and bloggers. Our publicity network attracts millions of viewers each and every month. More >