8 Easy Steps to Become a More Productive Learner PDF Print E-mail
Univetica Staff

Amid the myriad distractions of modern life, it can be difficult to find additional time to learn new things. While the abundance of information on the Internet is quite beneficial, it also presents new challenges for the mind, with numerous studies showing that technology may inhibit our ability to think critically1 and take in new information.

The Environmental Crisis and You: 5 Simple Tips to Living a More Environmentally Conscious Life PDF Print E-mail
Univetica Staff

Today, numerous threats undermine the continual survival of our ecosystem. These include air pollution, water toxicity, ozone depletion, acid rain, hazardous waste, deforestation and overgrazing, soil degradation, and, of course, climate change. Each of these threats is impactful in its own right, but together they spell unparalleled potential for catastrophe.

What is Social Entrepreneurship? What Does It Mean for You and Business in the 21st Century? PDF Print E-mail
Univetica Staff

Social entrepreneurship is the innovation and creation of a venture that harnesses the power of business to generate positive social change. A social entrepreneur is an agent for such changeā€”a new wave businessperson for the 21st century. While traditional entrepreneurs often migrate toward business to generate profit, serious socially-minded entrepreneurs place improving the world around them as their primary fiduciary, even sometimes at the expense of higher profits.

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