Top 10 Ways to Practice Individual Social and Environmental Responsibility PDF Print E-mail
Univetica Staff

In this age of environmental decline, cultural homogenization, and widespread ethical bankruptcy, many people are hungry for a rebirth of a values-based approach to life. Although it can be difficult to formulate universal principles in our highly fragmented global society, the importance of individual social and environmental responsibility is one thing that we can all agree upon.

9 Strategies to Help Create a More Socially and Environmentally Responsible Workplace PDF Print E-mail
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Future generations looking back will consider this moment in time as either a turning point in history or a gross missed opportunity. Uncommon global economic turmoil combined with ever-worsening environmental crises further tests our values and commitment to moving our world forward and into a thriving global community.

What It Means to be a Global Citizen in the 21st Century PDF Print E-mail
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Global citizenship is a 21st-century approach to living in which principles of global responsibility and accountability are applied to everyday, local actions. Global citizenship is often over-simplified to mean progressive politics or extensive world travel.

7 Easy Steps to Increase Your Personal Productivity at Home PDF Print E-mail
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Both personal and workplace productivity involve getting the most out of your available time and resources. However, while workplace metrics such as profits, growth, and career advancement are easy to measure, judging personal success can be challenging.

8 Easy Steps to Increase Your Productivity at Work PDF Print E-mail
Univetica Staff

Most workplace productivity problems stem from procrastination or disorganization, both of which may have any number of sources. These sources can include lack of motivation, an unmanageable to-do list, or simply a lack of clarity in one’s goals.

The Rise of Corporate Social Responsibility and What it Means for Employers, Employees, and General Consumers PDF Print E-mail
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All companies face a choice: Putting humanity first or profits? For companies hoping to be viable in the 21st century, the answer seems obvious. Gone are the days of callous corporations driven solely by money. Today's corporations must behave as social entities with responsibilities not merely to shareholders but to employees, vendors, consumers, and the communities in which they operate.

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