Univetica: Compelling Change [Audiobook, Unabridged] [Audio CD]

Univetica: Compelling Change [Audiobook, Unabridged] [Audio CD]

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Profoundly thoughtful and refreshingly practical, Univetica: Compelling Change will transform the way you look at the world...and yourself.

While the airwaves are choked with news of social and environmental crises and divisive ideologies, pundits and politicians offer ineffective and sometimes disingenuous solutions that build on what divides us. In a time of great upheaval, we need, more than ever, a better way forward. A way to a thriving global community.

Univetica: Compelling Change offers a fresh, intelligent approach to life and the difficult challenges facing all of us. It is only when the global community is working at its full potential that we, as individuals, can hope to realize our own.

Univetica questions our notions of happiness, success, education, political and religious beliefs, consumerism, patriotism, and, of course, the self to reveal the vulnerabilities in our traditional views of the world. It redefines life as a concept that is relative, based on one’s impact upon the environment. Univetica asks each of us to reexamine basic ethical dichotomies that have shaped humanity. It turns the concept of free will on its head and urges us to move away from declaratives and instead embrace the act of questioning.

The straightforward idea that humanity’s success is determined by the individual’s ability to progress more than he or she regresses forms the very foundation of the Univetican approach to life. Univetica offers a dynamic blueprint for a meaningful existence. Nothing short of iconoclastic, Univetica is a profoundly thoughtful guide that empowers us to overcome divisive ideologies and better understand what unites us all.