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Univetica Accredited Organization IconThis is a selective accreditation program designed for small and large businesses, non-profit organizations, and NGOs that are fully committed to social innovation and using the power of business and philanthropy to help create a thriving global community. Univetica accreditations can only be earned, never bought. Univetica Accredited Organizations represent the best in their industries and participate in their communities as important agents of change, helping resolve social and environmental inequities thus contributing to P>R. Our network of Univetica Accredited companies and professionals are held accountable by Univetica, our members, and the community at large. With a Univetica accreditation, your organization earns an irreplaceable third-party credential that surpasses any self-endorsement, clearly identifying your organization as an innovative leader in social and environmental responsibility.

What starts with just a small base of dedicated forward-thinking organizations has the potential to not only create positive social change in local communities but also evolve into a paradigm shift in the way business becomes part of the solution, not the problem, in the 21st Century.

All Univetica Accredited Organizations must meet certain standards for participation. Please apply if your organization:

  • Thinks strategically and with a vision

  • Considers the interest of people and the planet in business decisions

  • Is not afraid of competition or collaboration

  • Is tired of business as usual and seeks new opportunities for a better way forward

  • Is or desires to be active in the community

  • Shares Univetica's vision for a thriving global community


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