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Step Up & Thrive Educator IconStep Up & Thrive – Educator is the premium version of our free Univetica Social membership program. Step Up & Thrive provides members with enhanced functionalities, greater opportunities for publicity, and discounts on Univetica products and services. Step Up & Thrive membership program is also available in Personal Edition and Organization Edition appropriate for small and large businesses, non-profits, government agencies, and NGOs.

Member Benefits and Plans:

  • Have your voice heard and exchange ideas and resources with others, in your community and across the world

  • Gain access to experts who are working on P>R solutions to local and global issues

  • Discover new opportunities for innovation

  • Enjoy enhanced profile functionalities

  • Receive significant opportunities for publicity

  • Access specialty members-only content

  • Receive discounts on Univetica products and services


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