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Univetica Accredited Educator IconFew play a more integral part in the advancement of our society than quality educators who work tirelessly to pass on critical knowledge and skills needed to thrive in an increasingly complex world. Broadening the definition of education to include all learning that improves one’s ability to advance—a lifelong experiential process—can qualify many as educators. Univetica Accredited Educator is a selective accreditation program designed for teachers, instructors, trainers, coaches, parents, mentors and others who participate in improving lives by imparting knowledge or skill.

Univetica Accredited Educators are highly skilled individuals who are committed to promoting and protecting innovative thinking and have completed the required Univetica training. Univetica accreditations can only be earned, never bought. Univetica Accredited Educators represent the best in their fields and incorporate social and environmental responsibility in their teachings thus contributing to P>R.

All Univetica Accredited Educators must meet certain standards for participation. Please apply if you:

  • Are genuinely interested in using education to radically transform our society

  • Enjoy thinking big and thinking positive

  • Consider yourself a lifelong learner and teacher

  • Are tired of the constant divisiveness and negativity encouraged in the media and are seeking a better way forward

  • Share Univetica's vision for a thriving global community


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