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Univetica Accredited Individual IconThis selective accreditation program is specifically designed for thought leaders and others who genuinely view themselves as global citizens and agents for positive social change. Candidates who qualify for the Univetica Accredited Individual program are typically smart, caring, and driven people who have the potential to change the world. Where many see problems, these individuals see solutions. Never satisfied with status quo, Univetica Accredited Individuals fully understand that it is only when the global community is working at its full potential that we, as individuals, can hope to realize our own. Univetica accreditations can only be earned, never bought. Univetica Accredited Individuals are role models who contribute to P>R by delivering hope and progress to those around them.

All Univetica Accredited individuals must meet certain standards for participation. Please apply if you:

  • Are genuinely interested in improving your life as well as the lives of others

  • Enjoy thinking big and thinking positive

  • Consider yourself a lifelong learner

  • Are tired of the constant divisiveness and negativity encouraged in the media and are seeking a better way forward

  • Share Univetica's vision for a thriving global community

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