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UNIVETICA: COMPELLING CHANGE: A profoundly thoughtful guide that empowers us to overcome divisive ideologies and better understand what unites us all. Univetica offers a dynamic blueprint for a meaningful existence. Available in Hardcover, Paperback, Audiobook, and eBook formats... More>
UDecisioning UDECISIONINGsm: The uDecisioning methodology is an approach designed to help people from varying backgrounds and value systems respectfully engage with one another to discuss ideas, the implication of those ideas for our lives, and to help them turn those ideas into action in such a fashion that we experience netProgression, or, mathematically expressed, P>R. The methods and tools can help individuals and groups sort out the sequence of thinking, identify flaws in logic, highlight critical assumptions and encourage thinking about an issue in a broader context. More>
Univetica Curricula UNIVETICA CURRICULA: Univetica offers innovative specialty curricula designed to provoke thoughtful classroom discussion and foster students’ critical thinking skills. By bringing current affairs and global concerns to the classroom, Univetica Curricula engages students in a deeper conversation, analysis, and understanding of current world challenges and enhanced solutions needed to create a thriving global community. Univetica Curricula include: Univetica in Education for Grades 7-8, Univetica in Education for Grades 9-12, Univetica in Higher Education, and Univetica’s Practical Approach to Critical Thinking... More>
Teacher Workshops UNIVETICA TEACHER WORKSHOPS: Univetica offers professional development workshops as resources for formal and informal educators interested in incorporating the Univetica pedagogy into their curriculum. The Univetica Pedagogy is based on techniques that allow for deeper understanding through the process of asking the right questions... More>
Univetica Speaks UNIVETICA SPEAKS: Learn more about Univetica and the global community by attending Univetica Speaks events. These community events and speaking engagements cover a range of issues, centering on the distinctive Univetica philosophy and worldview. Be stimulated by the ideas and discussions at a Univetica Speaks event... More>