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PARTNER AND LET’S GO FOR A TRIPLE WIN: At Univetica, we believe a partnership shouldn’t be limited to a simple win-win arrangement. By delivering direct benefits to the community, as a key stakeholder, we add a third “win” to our partnership equation. Univetica Inc. isn’t your everyday company and will never be one. We are fully committed to helping create a thriving global community and that commitment is only reinforced by the commitment of our partners.

Our partners benefit from a close collaborative relationship with the Univetica team, connections to other partners whenever applicable, plus recognition and support for their goals and objectives. The aim of Univetica’s partnership program is to expand the size and selection of solutions that can help more people make better decisions more often. So, if you or your organization offers synergistic products or services that can create a win-win-win (you, Univetica, and the community) arrangement, then we would like to invite you to join our partnership program.

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SPONSOR AND BECOME AN AGENT FOR CHANGE IN THE COMMUNITY: Univetica sponsorship can transform lives. While making a difference to the community, Univetica sponsorship can present you or your organization the exceptional opportunity to drive your brand and credibility by supporting a vital initiative. In the world today, sponsorship represents one of the fastest growing areas of marketing.

Univetica Sponsors enjoy positive brand recognition and year-round promotion on our website as well as external online and offline media outlets including thousands of partner news subscribers, newspapers, TV and radio stations, and magazines, plus more than 25,000 journalists, columnists, and bloggers. Our publicity network attracts millions of viewers each and every month.

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